Wednesday, 25 April 2007

About time to come clean

I have been abandoning this blog something rotten of late. My apologies - work is hectic (we are in the financial papers just about every day right now) and I am currently working my way through the misery that is the AFCOE, prooving funds as an international student and all that. There is little in the world I hate more than credit applications.

There is little interest in me keeping the schools quiet any more, so will tell that A 2 & Z were (in that order) Chicago, NYU Stern, Columbia. I am really happy to be going to Stern - with relationship considerations NYC was always a better bet for both of us, though my wish to apply to Chicago, as an economics major, was too much. There is only one thing that I prefer about Chicago and Columbia to Stern, and that is they provide international students with the funding guarantee. I have one, independently, but have to go through untold private loan processes both here and in the US (the temptation to play cable is strong, but I know I shouldn't).

I do have a pile of half-written posts to go up here. I will blog on. The more pressing thing right now is deposit, funding, AFCOE, I-20, Visa. Neglecting to mention housing, transporting stuff and all that. So for the moment, sadly, posting completed pieces will be delayed further. Hey-ho, I bet people are gutted. But, if I get the visa sorted and all, there is two more years of crap to come.

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